This week, we’re working on upper body strength.  Nate has none.  He also has low muscle tone, which causes him to often sit in a backwards “w” position.  To build up his arms, his therapists are helping Nate learn how to color on his stomach.  To motivate Nate, he gets a giant blank poster board and super bright markers to color with.  It’s hard.  His record for holding himself up on his arms is fifteen seconds.  He grunts and groans as he actively attempts to stay up on one arm while coloring with the other.  One or both legs are often in the air, trying to compensate for his arm’s work.

When he can’t hold himself up any more, he collapses face first into the poster.  Usually, he’ll land on his right cheek.  (He’s left handed, so he still wants to keep an eye on his art work.)  Unfortunately, the marker doesn’t dry quickly and it rubs off on Nater Tater’s face when he rests.

Thankfully, the ink comes right off with a diaper wipe.

PS We just increased therapy to 14.5 hours a week.  We’re a little overwhelmed.  I hope to be back to blogging shortly….