First, there was Hobbes.

And then there was Hobbes 2.0, won on an eBay auction and added out of a mother’s fear that the original Hobbes would accidentally go missing in the big, bad world.

Now, meet our newest addition, Cubby.

Cubby hails from a wee, charming shoppe (so charming that the “-pe” at the end of shoppe is required) in Mystic, Connecticut.  A member of the cheetah family, Cubby does not come from the Kohl’s Cares family tree but, rather, some non-discounted lineage.  I kind of freaked out when I saw Cubby in the store and had to buy him, along with one pound of fudge and a catnip mouse for Archy Cat.

Nate has sort of taken to Cubby.  He saw his new furry friend in the store and it was instant love.  But when we got home, Nate realized that Cubby isn’t like the others.  Cubby is, well, different.  His face isn’t the same, his fur isn’t as matted, and his bum is weighted with beads.  I’m sure that Cubby will be welcomed into Nate’s furry family with open arms at some point but, for now, Hobbes and Hobbes 2.0 will show him the ropes.

Life has been crazy for us as of late.  There’s so much going on in Nate’s world and our professional lives.  I see the light of the end of the tunnel and now realize it’s not a train, so hopefully I’ll be able to write soon about our adventures in the world of brushing (which does not involve Nate’s hair or teeth) and testing (ugh).