Nate and I had a team meeting with Ms. Susie today where Nate got to show off some of his awesome new tricks.  He can copy color patterns using blocks and is also working on looking at the person who calls his name.  After going through a bunch of things, we got to chatting about what Nate was like before he was diagnosed: did he meet milestones, did he talk, etc.  The answer?  Yup.  He did all of that until around 12 or 13 months and then it all shut down.  It made me look through old video to see if I have Nate talking on tape (he said book, ball, kitty, hi, and bye) and I don’t think I do.  But I found this gem – the first time Nate clapped!  (Ok, it was the second.)  Nate was about seven months old and, man, was he ever a cute bald kid!