Remember when I had the lovely notion that I was beginning to see the light in 2013?  It wasn’t the end of the tunnel.  It was a train.   2013 has not been kind to us thus far, throwing curveballs at every corner.  Most notably was the arrival of Snomagedden, named by some newscasters as Nemo or Charlotte.  In our household, however, we refer to it as The Storm That Dropped One Nate of Snow on our town.  Our town got more than 3 feet of snow but our home, thankfully, only got 26 inches.  If our home had an additional ten inches of snow, I’m pretty sure I’d have lost my marbles by now.

Snowed In

We were literally snowed in.  We couldn’t go out the front door.  We couldn’t open the back door because snow was piled up to the doorknob against the exterior storm door.  Superstorm Sandy broke the screens of our screened-in porch and I climbed through the hole to get outside.  With my trusty dustpan, I dug a path to the back door, unburied it, and let myself back in the house.

Digging Out

Plows were in high demand and there were none to be found so we had to manually dig ourselves out of our long driveway. It took Chad more than nine hours to dig a path to the street. (He now has arms of steel.) The final burst of energy came from the most amazing random act of kindness.  Ms. Lisa, Nate’s awesome team leader from Birth to Three, showed up and started digging from the street to meet Chad.  It was such an awesome feat that our neighbor called Chad to congratulate him on completing the task well and said, “I don’t know who that gal was but she was spectacular!”

One Nate of Snow

Because snow fell at such a rapid rate, many streets were never plowed, which meant more than 3’ of snow was piled everywhere.  When plows were finally arrived, they only plowed enough of a path to allow for one-way traffic (for emergency vehicles).  And forget sidewalks.  They don’t exist.  If you managed to find it, a plow filled it up a second later.  Since buses couldn’t navigate the roads and walkers had nowhere to walk, six days of school were cancelled.  Six very long days. And the notice was ever so slowly made.  Monday was cancelled on Sunday.  Tuesday was cancelled on Monday.  Wednesday was cancelled on Tuesday. Finally on Wednesday, when we dared to hope that school would resume, the district threw in the towel and said we’re closed for the rest of the week.  Monday (tomorrow) is a holiday and Nate will be back in school on Tuesday as the planned February break is now cancelled. On Tuesday, parents will be able to return to work, kids will return to schedules, and normalcy will reign everywhere.  Everywhere.

Found the car! Snow Snack

Before we dug out, we all had a little fun in the snow.  Nate joined me and Chad as we tried to dig out our cars.  Both of us remarked how oddly relaxing it was as Nate couldn’t bolt out of sight!  He was boxed in by giant piles of snow and was so stunned that he didn’t move very much.  So we all actually got to relax and have a good time playing outside.  Nate and Chad also had a good snowball fight outside.  Nate says it was a draw because he could only throw a snowball if Dad would make him one…. We, however, thought the whole affair was a win because it was the first time Nate figured out how to put his thumb in the thumb sleeve of his mittens!

IMG_3354 IMG_3353 IMG_3351

Today, we headed up to Hartford to the Connecticut Science Center and Nate got to run around and be a normal kid.  He found dinosaur fossils, raced cars, made balls float, played with Legos (right next to kids he didn’t know!!!), and, most importantly, ate a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in their cafe, which Nate swears is the best PB&J in the state!

IMG_3376 - Copy IMG_3392 IMG_3391 IMG_3406

Valentine’s Day is being celebrated late as we couldn’t get out of the house.  Mail delivery started again on Thursday and Nate’s gift, Peter Pan, arrived this weekend.  Chad brought home my gift, some Alex and Ani bracelets, this weekend after school at Yale.  (Nate loves the bracelets that his therapists has and will imitate sound if you put one around your lips.  I got the May birthstone from Nate, a dragonfly and lily pad from Pete, and a pineapple from Chad!)  And Chad’s gift?  Affectionately referred to as “man candy,” Chad’s gift arrives by freight on Tuesday.  It’s a snow blower.   We just can’t imagine being in this situation again so we felt it was a purchase that had to be made.  Though we just survived one of the worst blizzards in recent memory, I suddenly fear that my husband might be doing a snow dance just so he can play with his new toy.