2013.04.03 - Spelling Name

Nate has mastered spelling his first name!  Ms. Susie is quite ingenious in teaching such a skill to my tot.  He got a laminated piece of paper with his name (we opted for Nate instead of Nathan) pre-spelled in four squares at the top of the page.  At the bottom, there were four velcro dots to which Nate could affix the corresponding letters.  When he got used to it, Nate was presented with a new laminated sheet with the “e” missing from the pre-printed portion.  Once he mastered that, the “t” and the “e” were removed and so on.  Finally, on April 3, Nate successfully completed the number of trials needed to master spelling his first name!  Take a look for yourself!

The video features Ms. Susie, Nate’s lead therapist, and I got a little fancy with the graphics because I had a few minutes to myself today! Note: Nate deeply ponders the letter “t,” as it is a wonderful letter.  Also, he signs “more” at the end of the video because he’s asking for his reward treat – popcorn!