When people meet me and Chad, they often ask how the heck Nate got the blonde hair and blue/green eyes.  I explain that he got those genes from his Tutu (Hawaiian for grandma), my mother, who was blonde with blue/green eyes.  Since Tutu’s no longer living, sometimes people don’t believe us, so we show them this photo as a comparison.

Tutu and Nate

As part of my genealogy hobby, I started looking at our own baby pictures and also came across some striking similarities.  For instance, here’s Chad and Nate, both at two months old.
Chad and Nate 2 Months

The similarity between Chad and Nate continues as both grew older.

Dad and Nate 9 Months

And then there’s me and Nate at eighteen months old.  (I was a blondie for a while as a tot.  Then it all fell out and came in dark brown.)

Mom and Nate 18 months

As I get the time to scan in more pictures of me, Chad, and other relatives, I plan to keep these comparisons going because Nate really is a good blend of both of our genes.  Not to mention, these photos crack me up….