Many of you Nate is Great fans participated in Nate’s 4th Birthday Wish, in which we asked for $4 gift cards to give to Nate’s lead therapist, Ms. Susie, to buy new items for her classroom, which solely serves children on the autism spectrum.  You so generously responded that we had enough money ($560!!!) to share with both Ms. Susie and Nate’s speech language pathologist Ms. Mollie!  From the start of this wish, Ms. Susie has said she wanted to write you all a thank you note and, after much thought, she has penned the following ode to the fans of Nater Tater!  I’m sharing her letter with you today, the last day of school.  Though we’ve talked about it, I’m not sure Nate fully understands that he won’t see Ms. Susie and his favorite ladies until the fall when he begins his final year in their classroom.  Most kids cheer at the start of summer; I’m pretty proud to say I have a kid who will cry out of love for his teachers.

Susie and Nate

Dear Nate the Great followers,

I must apologize for the delay in getting this note to you.  To be honest, I’ve written several letters, none of which seemed to be quite enough.

I’ve gone through various incarnations, in each sharing how the new items purchased will benefit our class and telling of the overwhelming gratitude I feel toward each one of you perfect strangers.  The end result is all the same: a rambling mushy mess, which explicates this teacher’s complete and utter amazement from being on the receiving end of such a remarkable gift.

What I’m beginning to realize is that there is no way to properly thank you, no words that do justice to what you’ve been a part of and no way to share the happiness it brings my heart knowing that there are people like you, the loyal followers of the Nate is Great blog.

I’ve decided to spare you the long-winded, wordier versions and just go for the good, old fashioned thank you, hoping that you know it truly comes from the bottom of my heart.

xoxo Ms. Susie

Susie and Mollie will be sharing information about the items purchased with the gift cards.  You can see Susie’s first round of purchases (she’s spending the remainder at the start of the school year this fall) here.

P.S. We asked Ms. Susie to get a picture or two of her on Nate’s iPad to go along with this blog post.  I called it a tall order but she thought it would be a breeze.  Susie quickly learned that getting Nate to cooperate in photographs is very tricky but his therapists got these two gems — the one above and the one below, which we lovingly refer to as an engagement photo! :)

Nate Loves Susie