Yesterday’s post about Nate’s sudden ability to pretend play prompted a shopping spree at Toys R Us.  At Nate’s request, we came home with an Animal Planet dinosaur family (and I picked up a second one because they were buy one get one half off) and a Hobbes-sized stroller.  After much searching, I picked out the Loving Family camping set, which came with accessories like sleeping bags, a cooler, a lantern, along with a dog and two girls with hair. (Nate is not so sure about the texture of the girls’ hair; Pete is not so sure about the dog.) I also found another knight and horse that matches the Imaginext castle. Right next to the knight was an Imaginext Buzz Lightyear in a wee plane, on clearance for $2.99.

Usually when Nate gets new toys, it takes him a few weeks to warm up to them but, for some reason, he was willing to try these right away.  I was quickly schooled that knights enjoy camping, as do dinosaurs.  When Chad came home, I unwrapped the last toy, Buzz Lightyear.  Nate has no affection toward Toy Story (though he often picks that pair of underoos over others) so I never expected him to take to the toy.

Boy, did he surprise us all.

Behold Nate’s inaugural flight.  It’s not perfect–but it’s the first pretend play flight Nate’s ever done (with flying noises to boot!) and it’s pretty darn great for a first try!