We’re getting in the holiday spirit over here!  After Thanksgiving, we set up our tree. Nate has become quite adept at appropriately responding to “ORNAMENTS ARE JUST FOR LOOKING!” by putting his hands behind his back, all while giving me spectacular I-wasn’t-doing-nuthin’ eye contact.


Nate’s painted a few ornaments.


Nate wrote a special Christmas card for his Mam!  (He’s very interested in writing these days and will trace anything you write in a highlighter with his own marker.)


Merry Christmas Mam

We’ve busted out Nate’s collection of holiday shirts.  (This one says, “Santa Rocks!”)

Santa Rocks!

It snowed, which caught the attention of both boys, each at their own window….

Its Snowing

Then we had a pseudo-snow day–a 2.5 hour delay + an early release, which basically meant Nate would go to school for lunch, so I let him stay home.

Snow Day

And today, Ms. Susie invited all families to come to school for a gingerbread house decorating party!  Nate and I made this masterpiece together…


…though Nate really was more interested in eating sprinkles…

Gingerbread Party…and more sprinkles…


Hope your holiday planning is as sweet as ours. :)