My little artist is back.Artiste


Nate went on a bit of a painting hiatus. Painting used to be one of his most favorite activities but he suddenly lost interest. Over spring break, however, his love for art has returned.


Nate will happily paint on anything you give him but his favorite is canvas because he can hold it at whatever angle he wants.


Nate is very deliberate with where he puts paint on the canvas and what colors should be used. If I haven’t provided him with the right color, Nate toddles over to the paint drawer, gets the bottle out, hands it to me, and says, “Opa.” He doesn’t mix colors; they are separate. Sometimes, they touch, but never in a way that causes the colors in the rainbow to turn into a muddy brown mess.

I can never tell what his vision will be for a painting. At the start, I wasn’t keen on the one he’s painting below. Nate started painting this about six months ago. There were lots of dark colors – black, brown, purple – and he added black crayon to the canvas, too. Over spring break, he asked to paint on this one again….

Canvas2…which became this.

pic3love this. And this.

IMG_6825And this.


Because he’s only four and paint gets on his body, the table, the chairs, the curtains, and the wall, Nate’s medium of (only) choice is washable tempera paint. My friend Mac helped me identify a good spray to help set the paint so they’ll be with us for a while.

If he keeps up at this rate, we’re going to turn our house into an art gallery….