Here Comes Five!

Last month, I created a little focus group of some of our dearest friends and family and asked for their guidance. On May 20, Nate will turn 5. There isn’t a thing that Nate needs or wants–but we still want to use this occasion to do good in the world. Chad and I suggested a few ideas but we quickly learned that this blog might as well be called the Ms. Susie and Ms. Mollie Fan Club. Overwhelmingly, our little group of friends wanted to drop a Love Bomb on Nate’s therapists for the good work they do with Nate and all the kids that they work with every single day.

It’s true. Nate’s team is awesome and we feel completely blessed to have them in our lives. Ms. Susie, Ms. Julianne, Ms. Sandy, Ms. Mechelle, and Ms. Mollie work with Nate on a daily basis to help him learn academic, social, and life skills. I mean…they’re the best colors in the box! (Missing is Ms. Mechelle because she was on maternity leave but, trust me, Mechelle would have been fuchsia. With glitter.)

Best Crayons

Their work is hard and ever changing. Because Susie teaches Pre-K, new students get placed in her room as they turn three and age out of the Birth to Three system. This year, many new kids have arrived in Nate’s classroom and these women, like champions, adjust seamlessly to ensure everyone’s goals are met and each student’s skill set grows. Can you imagine teaching a room full of kids, mostly nonverbal, and gracefully managing a growing number of students throughout the year? I can barely manage raising one child–they help eight on a daily basis. I know, it’s their job — but they do their job well. And that deserves to be commended and celebrated.

Last year, for Nate’s 4th Birthday Wish, we asked his fans to purchase $4 gift cards to give to Ms. Susie and Ms. Mollie. You awesome people overwhelmingly responded with gifts ranging from $4 to $4 per person in your family (pets included!) to $50 gift cards! All told, Nate is Great fans gave $560 in gift cards to Nate’s awesome therapists!

This year, we’re upping the ask.  We are asking his greatest fans to purchase a $5 gift card from, which we will gather and give to Ms. Susie and Ms. Mollie on Nate’s birthday, May 20. Why $5? Well, Nate’s turning five, of course! Second, it’s a reasonable amount, about what folks spend on coffee and snacks in a day. And third, as we demonstrated last year, small gifts in large quantities make a really big difference.

This year’s Birthday Wish has the same restrictions: Ms. Susie and Ms. Mollie cannot use these gift cards to buy supplies that the school system normally provides. No paper towels, no tissues, nothing mundane, either. These gift cards must be used to buy items above and beyond what their current budget allows–toys that will specifically respond to their current students’ needs and activities that will engage their kids in new and exciting ways. But it could be used in a unique way as well. Last year, we easily raised enough for an iPad–they could purchase an extra one for their classrooms or for a student who would benefit from it but cannot afford the technology.

If you would like to participate in Nate’s 5th Birthday Wish, click here to go to the electronic gift card page. Under Amount, choose “Set My Own” and enter $5 (or more, if you’re so inclined!). The recipient email is  Click “purchase” and it’s on its way! Because I actually give Ms. Susie and Ms. Mollie printed copies of these gift cards, feel free to write your own message to Nate’s awesome teachers. Many of you did last year and the messages were truly as appreciated as the gift cards!

In Love

June 2014 will be Nate’s last month working with this wonderful team, who has been in his life for more than two years.  Nate’s graduating to Kindergarten — at a new school with new teachers and new friends. We hope you’ll help say goodbye to this awesome team with a spectacular Love Bomb of gratitude.

If you’re interested in seeing Nate’s birthday wish from last year, here’s a compilation of links: