On July 28, 2012, Chad left for a two-week “boot camp” at for his Executive MBA program at Yale School of Management. Ever since then, Chad has attended classes every other weekend for two years and worked full time and been a husband and father. Today, dear friends, marks the start of his last weekend of classes everEver. To say this is a happy milestone is an understatement.

First Day & Last Day of School

First Day & Last Day of School

Chad has this weekend of classes to complete plus one more final exam to take and then he (and we!) are done!  Finis! Aloha oe, school, and hello, loan payments! :)

An update to yesterday’s post about Nate’s 5th Birthday Wish. A few of you have asked questions about why we’re asking for Amazon.com gift cards. First, it’s a fabulous marketplace where Nate’s therapists can get whatever they think will best meet the needs of their students. Second, and perhaps most importantly, some of you Nater Tater fans are our friends and family — but this blog has grown beyond a simple way to keep those we know apprised of Nate’s progress and success and there are many of you we don’t know. While we’re certain that the true Nate is Great fans are truly awesome people, we don’t want to compromise Nate’s safety by revealing our last name, our mailing address, or the name of Nate’s school. Amazon gift cards let us protect Nate’s identity while providing a meaningful gift in honor of Nate’s spectacular therapists. If you followed last year’s wish, you’ll know that we truly do give them all to Ms. Susie and Ms. Mollie. Nate doesn’t benefit in any way except for the joy that he brings to his teachers.

A note about the Amazon.com gift cards: We can only see the name you put in the “From” section of the gift card. Your full name and email address is not revealed to us. We’re doing our best to thank everyone that contributes but sometimes it’s tricky if you just share your first name. So, make sure to put your full name in the From section to get your proper shout out from Nate!

As for the wishes?  We’re ahead of where we were last year at this time! Nate sends big high fives to The Dolsen Family; Beth C.; Mary, Scott, and Madeline; Jill C.; Sara; The Noland Family; and Bobbee D. Thank you all — and keep those wishes coming! :)


If you would like to participate in Nate’s 5th Birthday Wish, click here to go to the Amazon.com electronic gift card page. Under Amount, choose “Set My Own” and enter $5 (or more, if you’re so inclined!). The recipient email is nateisgreatblog@gmail.com.  Click “purchase” and it’s on its way! Because I actually give Ms. Susie and Ms. Mollie printed copies of these gift cards, feel free to write your own message to Nate’s awesome teachers. Many of you did last year and the messages were truly as appreciated as the gift cards!