It’s about time for the latest installment of This, That, and the Other Thing, the list of things that don’t quite make an entire blog post yet are kind of rocking our world.


Nate had a growth spurt. It always amazes me when he does. He goes to sleep one height and wakes up another. In fact, during his 4th year, all he did was grow. He gained two pounds but then he lost those two pounds when he got sick right before we went to Boston. With his newfound height, Nate has new skills. He can open the freezer and scratch the frost off of the ice cream container. (He’s just about an inch away from being able to remove the ice cream from the freezer.) Nate can also reach the microwave. He has no idea what the microwave does but he likes to push its buttons. For some reason, Nate always enters 8-2-1-8 whenever he visits the machine. It’s his secret code.


Nate met a new milestone recently: he can get dressed independently. It all started once the warm weather rolled around and I noticed he started to gather clothes, lie down, and shimmy on a pair of shorts in an attempt to tell us that he wants to go outside. In this photo, Nate really wanted to go outside and play in the gigantic rainstorm. It was past his bedtime and I knew he was about to tip over from his melatonin (not to mention it was pouring rain) so I said no. But Nate persevered. He donned his school shirt (inside out), a pair of shorts (both legs in one hole), put on a bucket hat, and one sock. He was ready! Needless to say, he fell asleep about five minutes after this photo.


Other milestones include being helpful. Every time we go to Bertucci’s (aka the restaurant with rolls), Nate takes it upon himself to season our olive oil. He grinds the salt and pepper, shakes it on there, and then dips his endless rolls in to his concoction.  It’s pretty darn cute.


Nate also started doing this: turning restaurant straws into a piccolo. He asks us to unwrap them and then he “plays” a tune.  I’m trying to figure out where he picked this one up from. He has a few recorders at home, which we bought to try to get him to blow into things, but he doesn’t really use them in this way. (They’re better as sticks or bats, so I’ve been told….) Nevertheless, we got a nice concert at Friday’s the other day, courtesy of Nate and his straw.


Our fun activity last weekend was a boat tour of Guilford’s Thimble Islands. They’re islands of pink granite in Long Island Sound with private houses on them. Chad and I had never done the tour and we thought Nate would love being on a boat. Turns out, Nate could care less. I thankfully packed lollipops to help keep Nate quiet and focused. He ate three (including the one in this photo) on our 45-minute cruise.


Nate hates getting his hair cut; it’s one of the worst sensory experiences in his book. So we try to get his hair cut as infrequently as possible. This is how he woke up this morning: the worst bed head ever. Nate cannot manage the sensation of a brush or comb, either, so however he wakes up is how his hair stays for the day. I think we’re nearing the time for a haircut….


Last but not least, I got new glasses.  Bifocals, in fact, which they now call “progressives” to make people feel better about themselves. I’ve had them for a week and my sight has been horrible. I was so frustrated that I went back to the eyeglass shop yesterday and told them I hate my new glasses. Then I got schooled on how to wear and use bifocals. Did you know there are rules? There are rules. My life is now led by my nose. Wherever I want to look, my nose must follow…and then my vision will be clear. I’m giving them another week before I chuck them in the swamp.