With the sweet fruits of summer upon us, our family set forth into the Connecticut farm wilderness to pick some berries. Chad and I thought this would be a fun family activity. We tried it before when Nate was three and he wanted nothing to do with dirt, berry leaves, or berries. But now he’s five! We should try new things! We should pick berries! And Nate will like it!

Ha ha ha.

Here’s me and Nate before we picked strawberries.  Smelling of sunscreen, Nate insisted that his American flag lawn ornament come along for the event.

Berry PickersNate was carried through a tall grassy field (because grass is one of the textures he can’t tolerate). When we reached the straw pathway, our family was assigned to a row of red and ripe strawberries!

At first, Nate thought it was great fun.


And then he didn’t.  Nate realized it was manual labor and Nate doesn’t do manual labor.

For a while, he let me pick the berries, which I gave to Nate to put in our basket.

Mom Working

But eventually, he found a great piece of straw and tried to make it whistle.


Nate’s reaction to blueberry picking was no different. Nate picked fruit for about two seconds, then allowed us to pick fruit for him to put in the basket.


In fact, the event was much more tedious because blueberries are smaller than strawberries so it took that much longer to fill the darn basket.  While I scoured blueberry bushes, Nate turned berry packaging into a Project Runway challenge.


Blueberry picking was slightly more fun, though, because it was way out in the farm fields. So we needed to ride the Berry Ferry, an open back truck, to and from the patches of fruit.

Though Nate wasn’t too keen on the event, he apparently did become attached to the fruit. So much so that he insisted we bring all nine pounds of blueberries into our luncheon spot of choice….along with Daniel Tiger and an airplane.

Restaurant Dining


After each trip to the berry farm, Chad and Nate gifted me a day to make jam so we can savor summer in the year to come.


Meanwhile, Nate is not looking forward to next year’s manual labor adventure….

No More Work