Every year since Nate was two, we have gone to an annual Greek Orthodox church fair in our community. The event celebrates all things Greek–dancing, music, arts and crafts, and, most importantly, food. Our annual pilgrimage to the Greek Orthodox church has led Chad and I to unofficially declare ourselves members of this group. Any culture that has food this spectacular is most certainly a culture of which we want to be a part.

Nate likes Greek food.  Actually, he loves it.  For about a year, all he ate for lunch was spanikopita, a spinach and feta cheese pie. But his favorite Greek food is loukoumades. They’re little balls of deep fried dough that are drenched in honey and rolled in cinnamon and sugar. Every year, Nate gets a basket of loukoumades.

Our annual trip to church is an interesting way to watch Nate grow. Here’s Nate enjoying his first loukoumades at age 2.

Age 2

It was love at first bite.

At age 3, the love affair continued. (And wow, was that ever a super short hair cut!)

Age 3

Last year, as Nate was 4, he partook in the entire event. Nate had his own plate of spanikopita, a baklava sundae, and loukoumades to end the event.

Age 4

This year? Nate had some ice cream along a little spanikopita and tiropita (Greek cheese pie)….

Greeks 2

…but he saved his appetite for, what else, loukoumades!


It was a fun but quick visit to the fair this year.  Apparently, Nate remembered the loukoumades and tried to take us to the booth right away.  However, the loukoumades are at the top of a really fun hill….so Chad and I had to run up and down this hill with Nate a few times to get it out of his system. This year, I got the pastitiso, which are layers of ground beef, macaroni, and a spectacular souffle on the top, and Chad got souvlaki, skewers of marinated pork that were grilled. Nate had ants in his pants though so we had to eat our food pretty quick.

The only down side to the fair this year and last is their wee carnival. The church books in a few carnival games and rides for the kids to play. Unfortunately, all but one ride didn’t allow adults to accompany children and the one that Chad or I could go on was inappropriate for Nate. Our boy eyed a few of those rides, especially the ones where you get to “drive” a wee car in a circle, but we’re not at the point where we can trust he will stay in the ride by himself. We were very grateful that Nate was willing to walk away from the rides as loukoumades were much more valuable to him than anything else at the fair.

Our bellies are full from the fun fair…let the countdown begin until next year’s event!