May 2013

Our Story: Nate was diagnosed as a boy who happens to be autistic three days before Christmas 2010 when he was 18 months old.  Nate has been in Applied Behavior Analysis Therapy (ABA) since January 2011 and is thriving.  You can read about the process of diagnosing Nate in three blog entries: here, here, and here.  He is nonverbal but can get his point across through pointing, some sign language, and using Proloquo 2 Go, a special app on his iPad.  Nate transitioned to the special education program of our public school system in May 2012 and attends both academic and extended school year programs.

May 2013

Nate is a four-year-old cutie. He enjoys coloring, painting, stickers, eating carbs, swinging in a swing, collecting rocks, and watching Curious George.

May 2013

Ann is Nate’s Mom and the CEO of the home’s Autism Army.  She’s a part-time freelance grantwriter and spends the rest of her days chasing after Nate, dustbusting up dropped snacks, and keeping up with Nate’s therapy sessions.

May 2013

Chad is Nate’s Dad and the President of the home’s Autism Army.  He works outside of the home in Information Services and is also pursuing his M.B.A. at Yale.  In his free time, he enjoys pulling Nate on a sled or in a wagon, swimming with Nate in the kiddie pool, getting bear hugs from his son, and building forts out of couch cushions.


Pete is our newest addition.  Adopted in November 2012 at age 1.5, Pete was rescued from a kill shelter in Tennessee and fostered in homes in Connecticut before finding his furever home with us.  Pete’s name was chosen at a special team meeting among Nate’s therapists at school as the two syllables in our cat’s name are ones that we feel Nate can accomplish soon.  Pete enjoys chasing rubber bands, eating wet food, and being Nate’s shadow.


Our home could never be complete without a cat!  Our dear Jonathan Dangerous passed away in 2010 and Archibald J. Cat, Esq. passed away in November 2012.  You can read JonJon’s blog here.

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