We interrupt the regularly scheduled Nate show to introduce you to….Nate’s hanai (Hawaiian for adopted) Auntie and Uncle — Mara and Chris!  As we used to say in the 80’s, Mara and Chris are rad.  Chad and I have known them for a good few years now and they’re about as awesome of a couple as they come.  And they’re the ideal doting aunt and uncle on our Nater Tater.  They are aware of all of Nate’s needs, patient with his moments in life, and always ready to join in on good ol’ toddler fun.

Mara and Chris are ready to have a tot of their own and, as Nate can attest, they are awesome with kids.  And the awesomest part?  They are ready to welcome a baby into their home through adoption!  Mara and Chris are home study approved to adopt an infant or twins in the United States.  Most important to them is being able to share their lives with a child; they are ready to adopt a baby of any gender or race.

Mara with Nate at his 1st Birthday Luau!

Though our wee little blog doesn’t have a million readers, we have a few hundred and you’re all distributed throughout the country.  Should you happen to know of someone or discover a situation where adoption may be the right avenue for their pregnancy, Nate (and me and Chad) ask that you keep Chris and Mara in mind.  You can get in touch with Mara & Chris  and follow their adoption journey online both on their Facebook page and on their website.

Their nursery is done (classic Winnie the Pooh – Nate approved!) and they’re loaded up with Nate’s gently loved items including the Moby baby carrier/gigantic piece of fabric thingy that we never figured out.  And I’m pinning a ton of baby shower ideas in anticipation of the Sip and See for Mara & Chris’ baby.  While we wait, Nate will keep his auntie and uncle on their toes but we are very excited for the day when Nate has a buddy to play with at Mara & Chris’ house!